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WHY YOU need a professional facebook Cover

first impressions count

When people visit your Facebook page, your cover image is the very first thing they see. In fact, whether they are viewing on a phone or a computer, your cover image takes up nearly a third of the screen. The more professional your cover image, the better the first impression that you give to your potential customer.

your cover needs to be more than 'just a photo'

Is your cover image just a photo? If so, then you are missing a big chance to promote your restaurant. Whether your header is used to promote an event, give an offer, or just tell people how good you are, we've proven that using your header to actually sell for you is guaranteed to bring more diners to your restaurant.

Proven to drive likes to your facebook page

We've researched 1000's of the hottest Social Media Pages and identified the top 100 cover designs for you to use to engage visitors to your Facebook page and help to turn them into new customers for your restaurant.

facebook rewards you for changing your cover image

Most posts to your Facebook page will only ever be seen by 2 to 5% of the people who like your page. Facebook sees cover changes as more important though and so shows them to a far higher percentage of your users, meaning it's great marketing for your restaurant.


1 Choose A Design Layout

Choose a layout from our professionally designed portfolio of social covers that are PROVEN to engage your prospects and customers.

2 Customise Your Details

Customise your social cover by giving a few details to help our designers create the perfect Facebook cover for your restaurant.

3 Get Your Design

Within 48 hours our designers will contact you with your NEW Social Media Cover.

Choose from over 100+ design templates

Get Outstanding Results At No Cost

100% FREE Facebook Cover...
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why is it free and is there a catch?

yes it's totally free and there is no catch. it's just a great way for me

to introduce my restaurant marketing services to you

Chris towland

I specialise in helping restaurants to get lots of new customers as well as tempt their existing diners to return more frequently.

Giving you a free professionally designed cover is a great way for me to introduce my services to you and show you just one of the ways that I can help you.

I hope that when you see how effective your new cover is, you'll want to see what else I can do to help you to increase your profits.

There is of course, absolutely no catch and no obligation though. If you just use your free Facebook cover and never want to look at anything else that I can do for you, then that is perfectly fine.

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